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We have partnered with Cardservices International to provide you secure, real-time credit card processing capabilities through LinkPoint.

As one of the most scalable, reliable and end-to-end business solutions for ecommerce, LinkPoint converts the benefits of selling online into "cash", by providing merchants a powerful Internet based software that offers a secure, cost-efficient and reliable method of processing transactions and collecting payments in real-time. Depending on your needs, you can chose from 3 Secure Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway options to accept and process transactions:

Virtual LinkPoint
LinkPoint HTML
LinkPoint API

Merchants with a valid merchant account can also use our system to submit, authorize and settle credit card transactions without the need to invest in transaction terminals or processing software.

The LinkPoint Virtual Terminal makes credit card authorization and transaction management fast and easy, and with our special pricing, really affordable.


97% of new accounts are approved
48 hour approval on most applications*

Virtual Terminal Services Fees
Virtual Terminal Set-up $175.00 (one time)
Secure Gateway Fees 20.00/Month
Monthly Statement Fee (Bank) $5.00
Monthly Minimum Credit Card Fees (Bank) $15.00
Per Transaction Fee $0.30
VISA 2.50%

Virtual Check Services Fees
Virtual Check Set-up $50.00 (one time)
Secure Gateway Fees (Bank) $6.00 / Month
Per Transaction Fee (Bank) $0.30
VirtualCheck Discount Rate (Bank) 2%
Return Item Fee (Bank) $0.60 (per occurrence)
Transaction Cancellation Fee $5.00 (per occurrence)


*Applications with monthly volumes of or less than $20,000 are approved instantly.